NLVC Ltd.’s 15 year highlight came in 2003 when it was awarded the prestigious “Award of Excellence” by the Newfoundland & Labrador Construction Safety Association for its achievements in safety and its commitment to a safe workplace, this was a process NLVC had implemented 12 years earlier, engaging enthusiastic employees who participate on a day to day basis.

NLVC Ltd.’s Safety management System Audit Report completed by NL Hydro on July 2010, concluded with NLVC scoring a total of 95%. The documentation requested as part of the audit review from NLVC was very thorough. All the documentation requested was in good condition and very detailed. The training records and vehicle maintenance schedule and cost program is very impressive.

The enthusiasm of all the NLVC staff interviewed (Terry, Jeff and Evonne) regarding safety was very evident throughout the audit. Full disclosure was the norm and the willingness to learn, share and evolve in safety was very apparent. The field inspection of danger tree removal was excellent.

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