• Pesticide (Dept. of Environment)
    • Power line hazard training (WHSCC)
    • Traffic Control (NLCSA)
    • Chainsaw Safety & tree felling (1 to 5 day course)
    • ATV, UTV, Snowmobile and ARGO Training (Canada Safety Council)

NLVC Ltd.’s commitment to its employees and customers is also evident in its continuing education of employees where it seeks to maintain industry standards and implement new technology partnering with CONA, Bridging the Gap, Dow Agro Science, Nova Scotia Agriculture Collage and numerous Industry Alliance and Associations. NLVC Ltd. has gained recognition in a National Industry Publication “Access” for its commitment to new technology, environmental training and new standards. NLVC Ltd. uses a fleet of over 30 licensed vehicles and numerous industrial pieces of trade equipment to provide its services to the island portion of our Province and Labrador 14 years of our 18 year existence.

Furthering NLVC Ltd.’s growth and fuelling Mr. Croucher’s belief that this Province and its people can develop mega projects such as Lower Churchill, large mining sites, the off and on shore oil projects through the use of its own resources and it’s hard working resilient people coupled with education and training will be the measuring stick of success.